Rules and Guidelines

Rules for everyone:

  1. No need to ask "Can I ask a question?" - Just ask it!

    Try to formulate your problem as well as you can; the better your description, the better we can help.

  2. #Help is an English-only help channel. If you need help in another language, see our list of channels for foreign help.
  3. Ask your question in the channel (not in private), without using colors, bold, underline or any other kind of text enhancement. Limit your use of /me, also.
  4. Do not use inappropriate language, bad words, "l33t speak," or EXCESSIVE CAPS.
  5. Be patient and do not repeat or flood. It is not nice to hit enter after every 2 words; it is better to use sentences to explain your problem. Also, do not paste >3 lines of text without first asking permission.
  6. We will help you with anything we can, as long as it's legal. We do not help with:
    • Illegally-traded software, music, movies, or e-books.
    • Fraud, especially credit card fraud.
    • BNC / shell
    • Pornography.
    We also do not help users that sit in channels devoted to these activities. If you are found to be in one of these channels, you will be kicked and banned from #Help.
  7. #Help usually does not provide reopping help. You'll have to find an IRC Operator to help you on that issue. See our F.A.Q. item on finding an IRCop.
  8. After you are helped, please /part #Help. Excessive idlers will be kicked or banned.

Rules for volunteers:

  1. Respect the rules above.
  2. Don't ask a user if he needs help when he joins; just wait for his question.
  3. Make sure you understand the question before you answer. Don't hesitate to ask for clarification if you are unsure. You should only answer when you are 100% sure about what you say. You can cause serious harm by giving wrong information! If you dont know, don't answer - no one will blame you for that.
  4. Try to be patient. If someone doesn't understand what you said, rephrase and explain again.
  5. Do not help in private chat. Only help in the channel. If a user asks you something in private, ask him to state the question in the main channel.
  6. If a user doesn't understand English, consult our F.A.Q. section on foreign help for a list of channels we recommend for help in foreign languages. Don't help a user in a foreign language even if you speak it!
  7. Do not redirect to reopping channels. We can recommend #nastrand if an IRCop is really needed. If you are not sure what to do, it is safe to advise users to use /who 0 o to get a list of IRCops and contact one.
  8. If someone makes a mistake, try to correct the mistake, but don't fight with them, even if they are rude with you. Trust the power of /ignore, and let the channel ops take care of any disputes in the channel.
  9. If a channel op gives you advice, accept and use it well. Don't feel offended; our channel has specific rules that must be followed, and each of us had to learn them at some point. Failure to follow an op's advice will probably lead to your being banned!
  10. If you are away for a long time, it is recommended that you /part and rejoin when you are back. Do not tell other users to part; channel management is the duty of the ops.
  11. Everyone makes mistakes. Many of us ops were kicked from the channel at one point or another. Learn from your mistakes, and you can become a valuable helper.
  12. If you need to refer to websites, use the pages you find on this website first.