The #Help Crew

Nick: Poser
Location: USA
Age: Unknown
Position: Manager (since 2009)

"Degree: Associates / working on Bachelors.
Field: Computer Information Systems.

"Spent 6 years in the military as a Ground Radio Operator (HF).

"Got out and took a job with the local government while going to school full time for a degree.

"I joined #Help one day in may of '97 or '98 out of frustration. I was having problems with IRC and really had no idea that #Help even existed.

"I think I first joined #this-is-stupid and #aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh before I tried #Help. Once there, my problem was quickly solved by some volunteers who took the time to listen to me, and I think they even did a bit of research to make sure I had the correct info.

"I was completely amazed as I lurked in the channel and watched what was happening. Eventually I started answering questions for people, learning more and more about Undernet as I went along. I was hooked."

Nick: Eenie
Location: Virginia, USA
Age: Unknown
Position: Help-Sec (since 2009)

Eenie is from Virginia, USA, happily married to a Canadian Undernet user she met online in 1997.

An avid mIRC user.

She has been on Undernet since 1996. She joined #Help quite a few years ago, and you can find her in the channel most any time.

She also serves as a super-moderator on Undernet's Forum.

She enjoys making websites and has created many help pages for Undernet users.

Oh yeah, and she is an OLD woman. ;-)

Nick: RyeCooder
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: Born 1959
Position: OpCom

"Occupation: Working at a Big Winery during harvest in the old Niagara On the Lake. Harvest time is our busiest time but it can be fun too, and I do Roofing as self-employed in the summer time.

"Yeah I know all work and no play heh, when I do have some time off I like to go fishing on the boat and just relax."

Nick: QuickSlvr
Location: Canada
Age: born 1984
Position: OpCom

"I come from a small little town called Sarnia, Ontario, CANADA. I recently completed a three-year program in Advertising at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I organize and run a successful action sports festival, called Rock the Wake.

"I wakeboard/wakeskate during my spare time. I enjoy pretty much any board sport.

"I listen to lots of types of music; Sublime, System of a Down, Tool, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Hieroglyphics... the list goes on.

"I have been with #Help since 2001, and I have been an Undernet IRCop since 2002."

Nick: Sabin
Location: Romania
Age: born 1984
Position: Op

Sabin lives in Romania, where he is a student. He likes to fish, go camping, travel, and surf the web for interesting and useful information.

He joined Undernet a few years ago, and he enjoys helping people who are new to IRC and the Undernet.

Nick: idyl
Location: USA
Age: Unknown
Position: Op

Degree: Education.

"After falling into the Rabbit Hole of IRC some years ago, I got involved in learning and helping and forgot how to get out. I like helping users and solving problems. I observe the changing society of IRC in relation to the real world and understand both a little better.

"In an age of ever greater automation and isolation, real people helping each other is very special to IRC."

Nick: Gravity
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
Age: born 1965 (year of the classic ;)
Position: Op

"Self employed auto mechanic (and part time carpet layer).

"Spent 15 yrs in the military (TxARNG) as a Heavy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic.

"I stumbled onto MSNs IRCX about 10 yrs ago through a website link as a clueless 2 fingered typist. Those first few excursions into chatrooms were frustrating as I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY MEANT BY 'KILL THE CAPS' ;).

"Then I met a friendly chatter who took the time to explain the basics of IRC etiquette and introduced me to Microsoft Chat<Chr> (MUCH better than the website.. I was hooked). A short while later I found pIRCh and my understanding of irc and computers began to grow.

"I enjoy learning new things and helping others (searching for answers to questions I'd otherwise never ask).

"I avoided Undernet for yrs because I felt it too large (d/c on /list) but in early '04 joined #Help and learned that Undernet has very active and competent services in place. I registered a username (R4ND0M) and for a short while helped users, but mostly sat quiet and learned. I let the username expire and in Dec '04 decided to make Undernet my new IRC home. Since that time I regularly volunteer in #Help and am impressed by the teamwork and dedication of its members."

Nick: jotun
Location: Cupertino, California, USA
Age: born 1982
Position: Op

"I'm originally from Selma, AL. I left home at the early age of 15 and haven't looked back since. ;)

"I joined Undernet in 1994 or so and joined #Help in 1997. I have been in and out of the channel ever since, taking a year or two off here and there for school.

"I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2005 with a B.S. in Computer Science, and I now work with a very talented group at Apple, Inc.

"In my free time, I like to read, go bowling, watch the Atlanta Braves (on TV), and develop software."

Nick: wof
Location: Egypt
Age: born 1988
Position: Op

"I am a student at the Civil Aviation College and I will be a co-pilot soon :) I usually spend my spare time on reading/learning about computers, playing snooker and helping people on IRC. I am really happy to be a member of the team."

Nick: araw1
Location: The Philippines
Age: Born 1984
Position: Op

"I'm an Open Source Software (FOSS) Advocate, Computer and Network Technician, Web Developer, System and Network Admin. I'm also a freak user of Gentoo Linux, and I do Ruby, Perl, Python, and PHP programming.

"My interests include Cryptography, Security, HPC, 64-bit computing, etc.. just to name a few. :) I'm also an avid Irssi user.

"The #Help Team is truly composed of great people and I'm really glad to be part of it. :)"

Nick: Saralee
Location: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Position: Op

No information provided yet!

Nick: Pomol
Location: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Position: Op

No information provided yet!

Nick: Rufus
Location: Brasov, Romania
Age: Born 1986
Position: Op

Rufus runs his own IT services and software company.

He started joining #Help in 2007-ish, and he never left the channel, except when being kicked for idling :)