#Help News

10-13-2013: Tampa* and Hollywood* Delinked
The Tampa, FL and Hollywood, CA Undernet servers were delinked after repeated DDoS. #Help thanks them for generously providing their servers and wishes their staff well.
02-10-2009: Elm Passes
On February 10, 2009, our long-time channel manager elm passed away. Elm was the manager of #Help from 2001-2009 and served as a channel operator for many years before. We will miss him.

A Tribute to Elm
09-07-2007: Oslo* Relinked
Long-time Undernet server Oslo.NO.EU.Undernet.Org was relinked to Undernet recently, hosted by the team at Broadnet Norway. Welcome back, Oslo!
07-10-2007: New Server in TESTLINK
The Undernet has a new server in TESTLINK, SantaAna.CA.US.Undernet.org, sponsored by Krypt.com Technologies, inc. We thank them for their donation and wish them luck during their test phase!
06-24-2007: Jail Passes
Last night, a great friend to Undernet passed away. Jail had been an Undernet user and #Help operator for over 10 years. In that time, he helped a lot of people and touched many hearts. Undernet will remember him always.
06-01-2007: Oslo* Delinked
Long-time Undernet servers Oslo.NO.EU.Undernet.Org and Oslo2.NO.EU.Undernet.org parted ways with Undernet yesterday. The admins of these servers were well-known in the Undernet community, and their presence will be missed. #Help extends its gratitude for their many years of service!
05-05-2007: Tampa* Moved to PERMLINK
The TESTLINK period for server Tampa.FL.US.Undernet.org has ended, and the server has been granted a PERMLINK to Undernet. Many thanks to Desync Corporation for their contribution!
04-18-2007: New X Feature
A new feature allows you to login to X from two different nicknames, eliminating the problem of waiting on a ghost to timeout before being able to log back in to X. Read more here.
04-12-2007: New OpCom Member
A new #Help Operating Committee member has been named! QuickSlvr has been with #Help since 2001, and the ops of #Help congratulate him on his new role.

The #Help Operating Committee drives #Help policy, keeping the channel up-to-date even as Undernet changes. OpCom members are also responsible for voting on new channel ops and settling channel disputes. To see the current OpCom members, see our crew page.
03-25-2007: New Server in TESTLINK
Undernet has granted TESTLINK status to a new server, Monterrey.MX.Undernet.org, sponsored by Avantel. #Help extends its gratitude to the staff behind the new server and their contribution to Undernet. You can find the new server on our server list.
03-18-2007: New Ops
#Help welcomes two new ops: Saralee and Pomol. As their details become available, you will find them on our crew page.
02-22-2007: New Server in TESTLINK
Tampa.FL.US.Undernet.org has been testlinked to Undernet. The sponsor, Desync Corporation, has a long history in the IRC community; they run the EFnet server irc.desync.com and the DALnet server jade.fl.us.dal.net. #Help welcomes them to Undernet! You can find the new server on our server list.