What's new in IRCU 2.10.12?

by |Nemo| and the #help crew

Note: This document describes new features of the next server version that is due to come live soon.
It is not known at this time when each Undernet server will implement this new version.
Type /version to find the version of the software the server is currently running.
Note that until all servers are u2.10.12 most new features are still disabled and may be subject to change.
This is for your information only and will be updated as new information is available.

  1. Channelmode +D/+d
  2. /silence exemptions
  3. CIDR bans
  4. IPv6
  1. Channelmode +D/+d :
    This mode will delay the join/part event in a channel.
    As this mode is active already on servers that are using a beta version of ircu2.10.12 please refer to the Channelmodes FAQ for more information.
  2. /silence exemptions :
    The /silence command allows you to ignore people.
    Unlike mIRC's /ignore command /silence works on the server side, which means that messages from people in your /silence list won't even reach your computer.
    /silence is a great tool that helps you from getting flooded off the server.
    It does NOT stop channel text from reaching you.
    Its syntax is as follows:
    • /silence - will show your current silence list.
    • /silence +some!*one@*some.mask - will add the given mask to your silence list
    • /silence -some!*one@*some.mask - will remove the mask from the list again.
    • /silence +*!*@* - will silence everyone.
    • /silance -*!*@* - will remove all silences you have set before.
    The /silence command doesn't carry the silence list from session to session it has to be set every time you connect to Undernet.

    New in .12 is, that you may place exemptions to your silence list.
    Exemptions are marked by a ~ sign in front of them. So if you like to ignore everyone except X you'd type:
    • /silence +*!*@* - to ignore everyone
    • /silence +~*!cservice@undernet.org - to allow X to send you private messages
    If you like to receive messages from people who are logged in to X and set to usermode +x ("hidden host"), you'll have to set the following exemption:
    • /silence +~*!*@*.users.undernet.org
    Setting masks for silence and exemptions may be combined into a single command:
    (Example as above, ignoring all and allowing X)
    • /silence +*!*@*,~*!cservice@undernet.org
    Silence exemptions are working already on servers that are using a beta version of ircu2.10.12
  3. CIDR bans:
    ircu2.10.12 is able to handle CIDR bans.
    For example:
    • /mode #yourChannel +b
      would ban all ip addresses in the range from to
    • /mode #yourChannel +b
      would ban all ip addresses in the range from to
    Details about the CIDR notation you'll find for example here:
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classless_Inter-Domain_Routing
  4. IPv6:
    ircu2.10.12 supports IPv6.
    Each server's admin will decide whether and when to support it.